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My Story - The Short Version

Oh child!

I, Lee Uehara, was a hot mess inside just like you might be feeling right now. I was tense, defensive, angry, anxious, and overweight. I couldn't figure out why I reacted so strongly to some things and not others. And the kicker is, I didn't realize I was such a ball of high-strung stress. It's a wonder I had any friends. And thank goodness my own child didn't disown me. (LOL - oh wait, but not really!)


When I discovered EFT Tapping, I swore I'd never walk around doing such a woo-woo thing. But then, I experienced the shifts. And that's when my life began to change. So then I thought, "Hmm... I wonder what's involved with becoming certified?"

Fast-forward! I am an EFTi*-certified EFT Practitioner, and I cannot stress enough the importance of having an officially-certified EFT Tapping practitioner to guide you through it in the beginning.

I am also the founder of the movement known as International EFT Tapping Month (it's in August every year!). I wanted a place where folks could stop by - with no obligation whatsoever - to receive the gift that is EFT Tapping. Thus, it's completely free, with no requirement to give any contact information. Click here to take a look at the FREE resources from EFT Practitioners across the globe.

Thus, along with my print and broadcast journalism background and having been an effective educator in public and private practice, I can ask the important questions to help children and adults really learn about themselves - and assist in releasing the things that are getting in the way of leading a lighter, happier, clearer and more fulfilling life. (And because of those skills, my friend and co-host, Collette Schildkraut, and I have a podcast, EFT Tapping Like a Mother! I hope you'll stop by and check it out.)

(BTW, tapping for and with children is a miracle to behold. Teaching them a modality that they can use for life - and on their own when they're away from us at school and elsewhere - will give you parents out there a priceless peace of mind.)

So if I was able to unblock and release all those pent up feelings and feel lighter while not being afraid to live to my fullest, then so can you.

All you have to do is make the call.

9 1 7. 5 3 6. 6 1 20

*EFTi = EFT International.org (formerly known as AAMET.org.)

Our Story