"Let me tell you about Lee!!! She is above the line with her skill and awareness to discern the right questions to ask as she guides you to find that core belief/emotion that is holding you a prisoner of your life. Recommending her is a privilege for me."    - R. A., Wisconsin

"Admittedly I was slightly skeptical about the process, but I‘m totally convinced now since Lee helped me break my habit of drinking a Starbucks Chai Latte every morning...$5 and lots of sugar calories saved every day!! Totally worth it."  - G. H. , NYC

"Thank YOU so much. EFT with a practitioner is soooo powerful. You have a gift and I'm so glad you're sharing it with the world. I felt genuine and powerful change in our sessions together...and Lee really helped me understand that I could be more flexible in how we word our tapping - not so strict."  - J. K., NYC

"OH. MY. GOD. You just don't even know, Lee. You've changed my life. I don't have any guilt about anything anymore. And not only that, I don't feel guilty about NOT feeling guilty anymore. I can't believe it! This would have been months and months at a therapist's office. Who has time for that? Thank you, thank you!"  - J. H., Tenn.

"We used Lee for her bike coaching services with our son. She used EFT Tapping to clear his fears about falling. Afterward, he expressed how happy he was that he now had a way to feel better while at school. Lee taught him how to duck into the bathroom and quickly feel better. And now we feel better, too!" S.H., Brooklyn

"My young son is so much calmer, and instead of hitting me, he now snuggles up to me and doesn't push me away. #gratefultolee."  - B.D., NYC