After teaching in the South Bronx and in Harlem - and extensive motor/cycling experience - I created City Bike Through CBC, I have been able to teach countless children and adults how to ride a bicycle confidently and without fear.

And, I'm a mom.

Thus, through my first-hand experiences as an educator, as a private performance coach, and as a mother, I have seen a lot.

These keen observances and great empathy toward our youngest citizens from all backgrounds has given me great insight into working with children.

"How do you work with children?" you may ask.

Simply put, I meet children where they are and go from there. I believe in a student-led philosophy of education within a comfortable learning environment. This carries into EFT Tapping as well. Thus, I created the Finger Twinkles Method for children.

Imagine for a moment a world in which children and teenagers can release stress, anxiety, fear, and grave sadness so they don't have to carry those things with them into adulthood. I've seen it happen in my practice, and I wish that for you and your family.

Let's start on your family's fabulous, shall we?