Entering 2020 Can Be Fun!

Happy New Year! It's a new decade!

And it's Just. Fine. to be wherever you're at with yourself and your life. Forget about the pressure to do more, bemore, kick old habits RIGHT NOW. We're works-in-progress, aren't we? So let's be kind to ourselves.

Two things I do to start every new year off gently:

1). I do my laundry. Laugh, but I tell you, I want to start every new year with clean clothes. Having done the wash always feels good, doesn't it?

2). I engage in some form of physical activity. I want to signal my body to be healthy and to start every new year out with some simple, yet aerobic exercise. Some years I've run a midnight 5K. Others, simply gone for a walk or a bicycle ride.

Okay, maybe I've also had a small glass of bubbly and some chocolate-covered strawberries and snap a pic here and there...

What about you? What simple, kind ways can you start the new year - any new year?

And BTW, these simple entry activities are fun to ME. What small accomplishments come to mind for you? I bet they're just fabulous! Reach out and let me know - I'd love to hear about them.

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