Logo of International EFT Tapping Month

International EFT Tapping Month is HERE!

Logo of International EFT Tapping Month

YAY! It's finally here!

With a great team, I was finally able to create "International EFT Tapping Month"! It's in August, by the way!

The idea is to have EFT Practitioners** come together and donate freely EFT resources for all. Everything is completely free - no need to give any contact information for any resource! It is truly meant to be a gift to the world.

So, every day during the month of August, new EFT Tapping resources will be available to all who visit. Items include tapping scripts, videos, articles and MP3s. Take what you like and leave the rest! Just please do tell your friends and network so that ITM can grow across the globe.

Click here to visit the International EFT Tapping Month website.

**If you're a practitioner, please do consider submitting something great : )

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